The Themes of Avengers: Infinity War (and why anyone cares)

Spoilers are going to follow. By now most people interested in seeing Infinity War have seen it at least once, so maybe that isn’t as big of an issue? 

I know many of you looked at the title of this article and sighed or rolled your eyes. Your minds went back to high- and middle-school English classes, where you tried to find justification for some theme that your teacher or some old book says an even older book was about. I understand; I was there! The English curriculum I’m familiar with was terrible at explaining why I should have cared about anything they taught. But then, in college and beyond, I came across a variety of online creators<sup>1</sup> who helped me understand what they were trying to teach. 

To summarize the lessons I have gleaned from these sources as best as I can: Fiction is communication, and themes are what it communicates. Whenever an author tells a story, they end up sharing more than an account of what happened in the story. They also share a worldview associated with that story, and lessons derived from it. If the world is one where the proper authorities are bought off by the bad guys, violence is the only solution, and a happy ending comes to those who take the initiative (and the SMG), this story tells a message about how violence is an effective solution to problems the authorities won’t solve, whether or not that was intentional.<sup>2</sup> This is a theme. 

So with that out of the way, let us examine a major theme in Infinity War. 
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